A couple of years ago, I bought a nice Danish watch, Skagen 597LSLB. It wasn’t a very expensive watch, but it was a pretty one. At that time, I paid about €120 for it.

Fast forward a couple of years later, some parts of the watch do not seem to be that solid. The leather band started to peel off, like an onion. It’s quite unfortunate that this happened, having in mind that I did not wear this watch every day, since I got it, but only about half of those days. We all know that things are not built as they used to be and that we’re living in a consumerist world, so nothing new so far. One would assume that getting a leather band replaced, shouldn’t be a big deal though. However, it seems that the folks running Skagen could not be bothered to sell any watch accessories anymore. Since they do not offer a replacement on their site, your only option is eBay or a third party company.

A couple of days later, the battery ran out (for the third time since I got the watch). That’s fine, they are not designed to last forever. Let’s check Skagen’s site again, to find out what battery should I buy. Again, I was out of luck, as I could not find that info online.

To save others the trouble of researching this bit, I’ve written this blog post. The Skagen 597LSLB watch model is using a SR616SW/Renata 321/Energizer 321 cell.

Here is a photo of the watch’s internals, in case you’re curious about the built quality.